Wreit's goods

Wreit's goods
Starting location Neverlight-outpost
Starting Character Wandering Wreit
Locations Neverlight outpost, Neverlight grove, Gracklstugh
Involved Wandering Wreit
Items Involved Wreit's goods

Wandering Wreit the Waremonger is trafficking wares

Goal: Get Wreit's goods to Gracklstugh
Reward: Introduction to Saltbaron
Step 1: Meet and get friendly with Wreit
Step 2: Pick up the goods from Neverlight grove
Step 3: Get the goods to Gracklstugh
Step 4: Find Saltbaron


Session 3-2

Wandering Wreit the Waremonger

As the Motley Crew were resting in their outpost they heard a loud proclaiming voice coming from the tunnels outside. Telling everyone with ears that "Wandering Wreit had to to pay his respects to the master of the outpost for the privilege of travelling through his territory" but referring to the previous master of the outpost. When confronted with your Motley Crew and that you had dispatched the former occupants he became a bit worried, especially if you were going to keep the tunnels safe. The revelation that you were were only temporary occupants did concern him, but there was little he could do. Inviting him in he offered you the same toll as the ones before, a cask of Fire lichen brandy which you accepted. He told you that he was a travelling merchant, travelling from Graklstugh to Neverlight Grove selling fine ashes to the Myconids and buying fungi from them. As you were going the same way you decided to make company for the time being.

Session 3-3

An evening with the Myconids

A day or so later you started seeing and experiencing the outskirts of Neverlight Grove, the firm rock passages giving way to mushy soil and the barren walls becoming covered by fungi. The grove itself sitting in a huge fungi filled cavern, softly lit by photo luminescent fungi. As you entered the grove, Wreit excused himself as he had business to attend to and Stool took you into it. A short while later you were greeted by one of the grove's leaders Soverign Phylo, a very cheerful and joyous Myconid who welcomed you to the grove in these exciting times. A celebration was to be had, an exciting celebration. While you did decline the invitation you accepted a feast as a thanks for brining Stool home. A banquet were set for you and that evening you ate well. During the banquet you were approached by the other leader of the grove Sovereign Basidia, a much more dour Myconid who did it's best to bring down the mood by complaining about Phylo's changes to the grove, many of which broke old tradition, and of the celebration, which not something Myconids do. Once you had your fill of fungi you went to locate Wreit who had concluded his businesses when you found him. As you left the grove a small celebrating procession passed you by and their spores carried with them a bit of celebratory song.

Session 4-4

Revenge of the Boulders

The earthquake did more than stir you in your sleep, it opened up a giant crevasse severing the High Tunnels in two and effectively forced Wandering Wreit to find another way to Gracklstugh for you. Along your side of the crevasse, as far as you could see, there seemed to be a ledge wide enough for you to travel single file along. But before you could get yourselves secured to each other a huge monster dropped from the ceiling swallowing Wreit whole and the very rubble became animated as disturbed elementals launched themselves at you and companions. After the dust settled Wreit was as swallowed the rock and all you had to go on was his suspicion that the crevasse could lead to the Darklake, especially since you heard water running in it and all water in the upper regions of the Underdark find their way to the Darklake.

Session 7-4


With your new guide Hemeth skillfully guiding you across the Darklake you found yourselves at the Gracklstugh docks before long. There you were greeted by some guards who after you declared you were carrying Wreit's fungi started acting suspiciously. Since the fungi were of the narcotic variety non-Duergar weren't allowed to be in the possession of them, so they would have to be confiscated. You got the feeling one of the packs would "disappear". Before any illicit activity could happen their Sergent ended his invisibility and set his guards straight. The fungi was confiscated, but you were promised a message would be sent to Saltbaron, Wreit's patron, telling him to pick them up and if he so felt inclined to award you. You were also told to quarter yourself at Ghohlbrorn's Lair, the only inn for non-duergar. Once you had got your rooms you went to the market to sell the wares you had so far acquired. The Mundane cup you had found in the sarcophagus earlier you got identified as the Drunks' Bane.

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