A list of homebrew, table rules, and rule clarifications

Lines and veils


  • Rape, sexual assault, and similar non-consensual acts of sexual violence
  • “Hard” racism/sexism/other -isms and -phobias (hate crimes etc). Bigotry, low expectation OK.
  • Cruelty to dogs and cats
  • Violence, physical and psychological, against children


  • Sex
  • Cruelty to animals in general
  • Drugs and drug-induced intoxication
  • Cruelty and violence against helpless individuals, including torture
  • Sensual seduction before we have become familiar with each other


  • Interrogate the fiction
  • Argue with the GM and let him know your opinions. But keep it short and respect the final decision to keep the game going. Unhappy - take it up afterwards/between sessions.
  • Risk it all for DRAAAAAAAAMA


  • Steal others scenes. When someone has an important scene let them lead it.
  • Give unsolicited character play advice.
  • Cross lines and veils
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